We believe that anyone who had to go through a debilitating disease has the right to get back into the community, either as a productive member or at least a less dependent member of the family, and should achieve it all at the earliest possible time frame. Our experience in USA for 10 years and knowledge about our culture has helped us understand that every client comes with a unique list of problems. So therapy can not be the same for all our clients. It is customized and dynamic, changing according to clients changing needs.

We motivate and celebrate every little achievement of our clients, and take great pride in putting them back in the community, however way possible, and as soon as possible.

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation services as described on the Services page. It is situated at the heart of the city of Chennai at T.Nagar, as shown on the Location page.

Our Objectives 

» To provide excellent Physical Therapy services with the latest technology and with recent advancement in science.

» Our goal is to educate the patient in their problems, identify ways to treat or compensate and be their mentor in their healing process.

» We give special emphasis on functional rehabilitation. Our approach will be a team-oriented one, involving Doctors, Physiotherapist, Occupational and Speech therapist and Patient family, making collective decisions to achieve the patient’s goals. Team oriented approach produces excellent results than Individual approach. Our facility will be oriented towards the aggressive pursuit of Independence.

Our Mission

To provide Evidence based  physical rehabilitation, restoring functions or providing alternative mobility through awareness and learning.

Our Team

Ravi Ranganathan

» Graduated in 1986 from Govt.College of Physiotherapy, Govt Institute of Rehabilitation medicine, Chennai.

» Worked at Govt Institute of Child health & Hospital for children, Chennai for 7 years

» Worked at various rehabilitation settings in the USA for 10 years; specializing in neurological rehabilitation.

» Founded “Pain and Stroke Rehab Centre” in 2003.


» Graduated in 2012 from J.K.K.M.M.R.F college of Physiotherapy

» M.P.T in Neuro – Mohammad sathak college of physiotherapy

» Has close to 4 years of clinical experience,handling neurological clients.

» Joined Pain & Stroke Rehab centre in 2014.

Dilli Kumar

» Holds a bachelor degree from SRM University.

Certified in peripheral mobilization

» Has close to 1.5 years of clinical experience,handling Neurological and orthopaedic clients.


  • Graduated from Pioneer college of physiotherapy in 2004
  • MPT in Pediatric from Aadhiparasakthi college of physiotherapy
  • Certified in NDT 2014
  • Certified in Kinetic control of level 1 neck and shoulder impairment and lower leg impairment(2017)
  • Joined Pain and Stroke Rehab Centre from october 2017.


At our outpatient centre in T.Nagar.

  • Large space for walking activities.
  • Centrally Air-conditioned for quite comfortable atmosphere.
  •  Individual treatment areas for patient’s confidentiality.
  • This service is for clients who are able to visit our centre from their home walking or in a wheelchair.The centre is fully wheelchair accessible and equipped with necessary equipment for Rehabilitation.

Equipment for therapy 

  • Foam roller
  • Imported Chatanoga combo equipment(InterFerential therapy,Muscle Stimulator,UltraSound)
  • Imported cryo-cuff
  • Balance board
  •  Beach ball
  •  Parallel bar
  • Walking aids(crutches,canes  and walker)                                         
Cryo Cuff
Ultrasound(US),Interferential therapy(IFT),electrical stimulator(ES)
Wobble board

Our Inpatient center

Our inpatient center located near our clinic for rehabilitation purpose for acute stroke, spinal cord injury and general debility.


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Ground floor furnished(TV,Refrigerator,Micro-wave,Induction stove,Sofa set)
  • Two BHK air conditioned

Equipment for therapy

  • Parallel bar
  • Rickshaw for Spinal Cord Injured
  • Wheelchair accessible gym
  • Tilting Table
  • Beach ball
  • Walking aids
  • Wheel chair
  • Air mattress
Tilting Table
Wheelchair accessible gym, Rickshaw and parallel bar