At our outpatient centre in T.Nagar.

Short-wave diathermy, Ultra sound, Phonophoresis, Interferential Therapy, Muscle stimulator, Tens, Iontophoresis, Vacuum Therapy, Laser Therapy, Hot moist pack, Cervical/Lumbar Traction, Pulleys, Mariners wheel and Wax bath.


For Balance and Walking activities

» Balance board

» Beach ball

» Ramp

» Stairs with rails

» Parallel bar

» Video gait Lab.

» Large space for walking activities.

» Computer Generated illustrations for exercises.

» Centrally Air-conditioned for quite comfortable atmosphere.

» Individual treatment areas for patient’s confidentiality.

» This service is for clients who are able to visit our centre from their home walking or in a wheelchair.The centre is fully wheelchair accessible and equipped with necessary equipment for Rehabilitation.


Our Inpatient centre

"Punar Thiran" our Inpatient centre is located away from the chaos of the city in the southern fringe of the city(see map). Punar Thiran is easily accessible from the inner ring road extension and Medavakkam high road.


The facility is wheelchair accessible with ramps on the ground floor with all basic equipment required for the rehabilitation of the debilitated client.

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