Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program

This programme is intended for patients with acute to chronic low back ache, Sciatica, Laminectomy, Micro Lumbar Disectomy(MLD), spinal fusion, Cervical and lumbar spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, disc bulge/protrusion/herniation. Arthritis, Sports injury, Tendinitis, Post fracture, Inflammation of muscles, ligaments and joints, Pre-operative physio therapy, Post surgery pain and joint stiffness, Partial/Total replacements surgeries, Arthroscopy, Work related injury,Amputations. Education and prevention program are done

Neurological Rehabilitation Program

For clients with Diseases that affect the brain and spinal cord or peripheral nerves such as Stroke, Brain injury, Spinal cord injury at all levels, Peripheral nerve injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS),Acute disseminated demyelinating disease(ADEM) etc.. with residual weakness or neurological problems,. Family education/counselling, and caregiver training; Home evaluation, home modification suggestions, wheel chair prescriptions.

In patient services are provided near our out-patient centre located at T.Nagar, Chennai. This service is intended for those who require an intensive rehabilitation program or for those who are unable to travel to our outpatient centre. Two sessions of  Physiotherapy are provided as a mandatory service in the package.Occupational therapy,speech therapy and Rehab Psychology counselling  services are provided as needed but are not part of the package.

Typical length of stay for a client

It is around 1 week to 3 months depending on the goals they want to accomplish in the inpatient centre. Clients stay in our inpatient program until they learn to either walk or move around in a wheelchair and be able to get in and out of a car. Once they have learned to get in and out of a car most of them prefer to come to our Outpatient centre at T.Nagar. It helps them achieve their remaining goals commuting to the clinic and staying with the comforts of their own home.

Home health services are provided in the greater Chennai area for those who are not eligible for the inpatient or the outpatient program. Only physiotherapy services can be provided at home at this time.

An initial evaluation is normally done by our primary therapist, who sits with the client and family members to decide on the plan of care, sets goals to be accomplished within time frames. The follow-up is done by our team members who are fully qualified and trained therapists. Therapists are assigned to the client according to the client’s needs, and the area. Follow-up evaluations are done as needed by our primary therapists.

Occupational therapy

Training the client on everyday activities like eating, clothing management and finding the right adaptive equipment to compensate for the loss.

Psychological counseling

Mentally adjusting to permanent losses is very hard. Families and friends can provide a lot of emotional support to help the client get adjusted. In addition professional counseling might be required for some clients and families. Rehab psychological counseling is provided as required on site.

Group therapy

Interactive sessions where therapy becomes a fun activity to enjoy and benefit from. Playing a game of balloon hitting at a wheelchair level improves balance in sitting, learning your limits of balance and identifies ways on how to improve it.

Home assessments for modifications

Transitioning to the home requires some modifications to be made at the home. Our therapists would visit the client’s home along with the client if necessary to identify architectural barriers at home and find out ways to teach the client on how to maneuver it or suggest ways to modify the environment to accommodate the client’s requirements.

Family education and training

Family or care giver education is an integral part of rehabilitation. The client may not always become completely independent on all functions. He may require help for certain tasks. In some situations like higher level spinal cord injuries, a significant amount of help is needed. In these situations the family or the care giver is trained to help the client only to the required levels and promoting independence at the same time. Families are educated on how to handle care giver burn out, and take care of themselves by giving themselves a break.

Peer mentoring

Clients who have graduated from our centre have offered to support new clients who are going through similar problems. Clients can talk to them on the phone or have them visit the centre to learn on how to cope with the new

situation. our clients have visited our previous graduate’s residences to see how they have modified their houses and function independently.




Community integration of our graduates

our graduates have integrated themselves at various levels like going back to work with assistive devices, working from home , enjoying their retired life in modified ways using common modes of transport like the auto.

Pain & Stroke Rehab centre frequently conducts awareness programs for the community.



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A paid service provided to small and large companies, educating employees on good postures and to maintain a healthy environment at work places. Package programs available for Treatment if needed.